Happy Holidays – Hidden Talents?

I have just crash landed back to our suburban shoe box after a glorious weeks holiday down in Cornwall. The sun shone the children went feral and I discovered a new talent…..  So for those of us now suffering the post holiday blues I thought I’d share some pictures and we can all be miserable together. But these raise some interesting questions…

Day 1: Sand crocodile at Treyarnon Bay – best sculpting sand by far!


Day Two : Mermaid at Trevose Bay


Day Three: Turtle and a dragon at Harlyn Bay lovely beach rubbish sculpting sand


Day Four: Baby Elephant at Trevose Bay


So what is the point of all this shameless blowing of my own trumpet, well simply, I had no idea I could do this!  So this got me thinking, what other talents are we capable of that we just haven’t discovered yet? Maybe if I had spent more time on the beach when I was younger I would have turned out to be a famous sculptor.  What if Tiger Woods never had a golf lesson? What if  Slash had never had a guitar lesson? So is finding out talents luck? Should we be actively hunting them down? Either way, in essence, get out there and try  something new you never know where your talents may lie, unlike me yours might be in something incredibly useful!



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