The dangers of dialogue, tags that is.

So I have been doing quite a bit of critiquing lately, I actually really love it, too much perhaps. What I particularly enjoy about it is the benefit for my own writing, I have learnt almost as much reviewing others work as I have writing my own.

One of the things that really stands out for me as a problem area is dialogue, I have already written one post about it  this time it’s not the actual dialogue itself but the words that attach themselves to it in some cases inextricably that are causing no small amount of irritation.

The, she said, he joked, she flirted. STOP! When I read I want to be there – unless it’s something particularly scary, then I might want to just be nearby – I do not want to be in a TV style live audience. What is she talking about I hear you cry. Well when I am avidly reading through you well constructed prose I find it very disturbing when some one jumps up out of nowhere holding up a sign saying LAUGH. Which is exactly what the dialogue tag, he joked, says. We do not have a little man in real life interpreting people’s mannerisms, tone and body language and telling us what it means, we do it ourselves, so why do we feel compelled to do it in our writing. Have faith in your readers they were intelligent enough to pick up your writing!

Dialogue tags



Resonance by J A Belfield


After finishing Blue Moon I was desperate to read Resonance, so imagine my elation when an E-Arc arrived in my inbox! I promptly devoured this delectable little novella. The story continues on where Blue Moon left off, with, Josh trapped in the sleep of the dead despite the best efforts of Jess and the pack. Revelations abound despite the books diminutive status, family history is clarified, a whole new plane of existence is introduced and a sneak peek of what’s to come is scattered throughout. My only minor gripe is, the pace has been so quick (all the books) that we haven’t really seen Jem reflect much on her situation. How she’s gone from the meek abused wife to strong astral projecting werewolf, killing at will with little remorse. There are big changes afoot for Jem so maybe we will see more of that then. This series is one of my favourites, and I can’t wait for the release of Ethan’s book Caged, I am absolutely positive it will be well worth the wait!

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