Disposable technology?

Today my iPhone has failed me, the little circle button has ceased to operate, navigation is no longer an option. In my despair I contacted my phone operator via their online chat and was told to take it to an O2 store. With littlies in tow I did exactly that, to be informed it would cost me to repair or replace as it’s out of warranty. A conundrum indeed, time left on the contract, but no functioning phone. This is the second phone I’ve had on this contract the first went faulty and had to be replaced.

So I’ve been having a bad run with technology of late, my Kindle has also passed on, and that was my second one as well. In fact, I have gone through a Kindle every 12 months. Amazon won’t replace the second broken one as the first one was a replacement just out of warranty. I don’t really want to buy another one either if they are going to be costing me £150+ a year just for the unit. I can buy a lot of paper books for £150!

This got me thinking. How long is this stuff meant to last? 12 months, 2 years? If this technology I am buying is disposable I’d like to know, as quite frankly I won’t bother. Has anyone else had similar problems or do I omit some weird technology frying electromagnetic wave?



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