Huaquero by Gareth Worthington: 5 Stars


Just as you thought you could catch your breath after finishing the first book Huahuqui, the sequel, arrives and throws you right back into the action. I was really looking forward to this book and I was certainly not disappointed. The pacing is just as fast as the first book, this author once again showing his flair for mixing fact and fiction seamlessly. But, where this book surpasses the first is in the depth of the characters. We really get to see more of their personalities what makes them tick and some of the events that made them who they are. Even more impressive is the way Worthington has weaved this information into the story without detracting from the pace. I had mixed feelings about the ending (keep a tissue handy), you’ll know what I mean when you get there, but it absolutely fit the characters and I love an author who stays true to their characters.
I thought this was going to be the end of the story but fear not I have it on good authority (Gareth himself) that the third book (Huaca) is on its way and after reading the epilogue it sounds like a must read, dark and intriguing. I would highly recommend both books, especially if you’re looking for short punchy holiday reads, make sure you put on the sun cream before you start, because you won’t be able to put them down!


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