Huahuqui by Gareth Worthington 4 Stars



Well what can I say this is a whole lot of story in not a lot of book, this debut novella is jam packed full of action, intrigue, conspiracy, a pinch of potential romance in the offing, and if that isn’t enough a man sized salamander (not as weird as it sounds). The breakneck pacing keeps you hooked, whisks you through the story, neatly weaving together the different threads to a satisfying if somewhat open conclusion. So why not 5 stars, well it’s pretty simple although the story is thoroughly absorbing the fast pace didn’t leave a lot of time to get to know the main character / characters, this was accentuated by it being a novella but (there is always a but) there is enough good character development to make me care what happened to them and want to know what happens next. Thank fully you won’t have to wait long as the second book Huaquero is out now!

In summary this is a solid 4 star novella but probably could have been a 5 star novel! Would I recommend it? Absolutely, there is some major potential in this new author, Huahuqui would certainly make an awesome movie and is well worth the time spent reading it!

ISBN: 0957252900



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